Solar PV and Battery Storage

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Solar PV combined with battery storage is a great way to power your house with renewable energy, even during the evening and through the night.

Solar PV uses panels fitted to the roof of your house or outbuildings to collect the energy of the sun and convert it into usable electricity. The power generated is fed directly into your existing electrical installation. It is a completely free, clean, and renewable source of electricity.

The panels are best fitted on a south facing roof, but can also provide great results if you have an east or west facing roof. They can also be fitted on a flat roof or on the ground if you have the space. Fitting solar panels to your roof may require planning permission, but we can advise on this and help you get everything in place.

We use state of the art software to help us plan your installation so we can get the maximum performance from your solar panels. We can even predict if and how much the shade from nearby trees of buildings will impact the performance.

The installation is completely maintenance free, and requires zero input from you. The sun will keep providing you with electricity throughout the panels estimated lifespan of at least 25 years.

We can also add battery storage. The solar panels charge up the battery during the day while you're out at work, and then you can use the energy while you're at home during the evening. Now the sun can provide you with electricity even when it's dark. Batteries include monitoring apps so you know exactly how much you are producing.

Sonnen PV battery storage
Sonnen iPad app

While the removal of the governments feed in tariff (FIT) has meant the financial returns could be less, some energy supplies such as Octopus Energy are introducing smart tariffs, which do pay you for the energy you export.