Clean, renewable forms of energy are vital to the future of our planet and the health of our population. The government is set to introduce a “net zero” emissions target by 2050, meaning gas and oil boilers will soon have to be replaced with a renewable source of heat. With financial incentives like the renewable heat incentive (RHI) available, and technologies enabling you to generate your own electricity, now is the time to change to a cheaper and cleaner heat. Teesdale Renewables can help you navigate the many technologies available for both domestic and commercial customers, and can design, install, service, and maintain your installation, and will be on hand if any issues arise. Have a read about the different technologies we offer, and if you have any questions, please contact us.

Biomass is a carbon neutral source of energy, using wood to provide hot water and heating

Air Source Heat Pump extracts heat from the air to provide hot water and heating.

Ground Source Heat Pumps use the latent heat stored in the ground to heat up water.

Generate your own electricity, and store it in batteries to use it throughout the night. 

Capture the warmth of the sun and use to heat up your water.