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How To Read Your Water Meter 2nd June 2015

When it comes to the water meter at your property, it will usually be ignored by most people throughout the year until the water company has to come out and read it.  This will usually happen once or twice a year.

This is unless you have one of the new meters which can be read through a computer, meaning an engineer doesn’t have to visit your home.

Even though it is monitored by your water company, it is still a good idea to check it yourself regularly as it can be a good way to detect for any water leaks that might be happening.

Do you know where your water meter is?

The location of your meter will depend on your property.  For older properties it’ll be near to your stop cock, which is usually located underneath your kitchen sink, or possibly in your garage (if you have one!).

If you live in a new property it is more likely to be outside, usually on the pavement directly outside your front door, on your pathway or on your driveway.  You need to be on the lookout for a small plastic grey coloured, or a small metal man hole cover, which will normally have a ‘W’ or ‘Water Meter’ written on it.

Using a suitable tool, be careful to remove the cover and you should be able to see your water meter.  It may be covered by a cap or lid – this is just to protect it from frost.  Remove this cap / lid to read your water meter.

To be certain you’re reading the correct number, look at the meter number or serial number on your most recent water bill and you should be able to match it to the serial printed on your water meter.

The water meter will have a numeric reading consisting of both black and red numbers – you can ignore the red numbers and just note down the black ones.  If you have a digital meter then you need to note down all the numbers on the top row.

Once you have written the number down you can replace the cap / lid and the covering, and then you can ring your water company and give them your reading.  It’s as easy as that!