Ground Source Heat Pumps

Green leaf logo connoting renewable energy

Ground Source Heat Pumps are an environmentally friendly, cost effective, and sustainable way of providing heating and hot water.

Ground source heat pumps have been around for decades, but we are seeing an increasing interest in the technology within the UK. Exactly the same in principle to an air source, the ground source heat pump extracts heat from the ground using several different methods,

Most commonly the technology works by pumping a specific fluid through a series of pipes dug into the ground. This fluid absorbs the heat from the surrounding ground, and then uses it to heat up a hot water buffer tank. As the temperature remains fairly constant underground, your home can be heated in winter without drop off in performance

The horizontal array pipes generally require a large area of land that can be dug up to lay the pipes. Once we have calculated your heating requirements, we can advise on how much space will be needed, or if other options such as a bore hole will be more suitable., even extracting heat from a water source such as a river or large pond can have very good results.

Unlike gas and oil boilers which generally heat your radiators to a very high temperature and then shut off, heat pumps work on the principle of maintaining a low but constant and comfortable room temperature. This means they are perfect for well insulated homes with underfloor heating. However we have also retrofitted them into many older homes, and we can advise on how we can make a ground source heat pump work for you, or if another option would be better.

The units require very little maintenance. It will keep you with heating and hot water without you even noticing. We can also provide an annual service, ensuring everything is running efficiently and keeping your equipment in top condition.

Ground source heat pumps do require a significantly larger investment than an air source, and especially a fossil fuel boiler, but are eligible for the governments Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme for both domestic and commercial uses, which means you can be paid for every kW of energy you produce. This means that the initial cost of installation could be paid back after a number of years. We're MCS registered, so we can help you get everything in place!