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For those of you that don’t know us, we originally started out as ‘A G Bainbridge Plumbing and Heating’ back in 2009, set up by Adam Bainbridge – our director and main man.

Adam himself has a strong farming background, and he still helps to run the farm he grew up on, meaning every day is an early start and a late finish. Adam went through his plumbing apprenticeship at Darlington College whilst working for a local plumber, who Adam will still seek out for any advice, if necessary.

Whilst at college Adam won HIP! Magazine Apprentice Plumber of the Year 2009 for the whole of the UK – a feat not to be frowned upon.

Adam had always envisioned setting up a renewable energy company, so the Teesdale Renewables name was actually bought by Adam back when he was only 17 – great vision and ambition for someone at such a young age. The renewables side itself didn’t start trading until 2012, but since then we have grown exponentially, even finding the time to take on an electrical company, in the form of John Bousfield’s ‘CMJ Electrical’.

So, not only do we provide high quality services in general, every day plumbing and heating, your electrical requirements can also be taken care of. And if you have the necessary space, you could look into our range of biomass installations and see whether the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) could work for you.

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