Solar Thermal

Green leaf logo connoting renewable energy

Solar thermal is a great way to provide hot water for your property, using a completely free, clean, and renewable source of energy.

Solar thermal uses panels fitted to the roof of your house or outbuildings to collect the energy of the sun and use it to heat up a hot water buffer tank. It is a completely free, clean, and renewable source of hot water.

The panels are best fitted on a south facing roof, but can also provide great results if you have an east or west facing roof. They can also be fitted on a flat roof or on the ground if you have the space. Fitting solar panels to your roof usually doesn't require planning permission, but in conservation areas or listed buildings, it might be required. We can advise on this and help you get everything in place.

During summer months, solar thermal panels can easily provide 100% of a households hot water requirements, reducing your gas or oil bills considerably. Even in winter the panels can give a significant contribution, and the buffer tank can be topped up by an immersion heater or by your gas or oil boiler. 

The installation is completely maintenance free, and requires zero input from you. The sun will keep providing you with hot water throughout the panels estimated lifespan of at least 25 years. We can provide an annual maintenance service to ensure everything is running efficiently and help to prevent any problems.

Solar Thermal installations are part of the governments Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme for both domestic and commercial uses, which means you get paid for every KW of heat you produce. This means the cost of the initial installation could be paid back to you over a number of years. We are MCS registered so we can get everything set up and registered for you.