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Biomass boilers are an environmentally friendly, cost effective, and sustainable way of providing heating and hot water.

Biomass boilers use the energy stored in wood to provide heating and hot water. The wood is burnt inside a tightly controlled combustion chamber, and the heat in stored in a buffer tank. This means a completely sustainable, nearly carbon neutral fuel source, as the CO2 emitted from the combustion process is equal to the amount absorbed by the tree during its life.

Waste wood, or new wood from sustainably managed forests, is processed into one of three different types of fuel: chip, pellets, or logs. The type of fuel is chosen depending on space available, heating requirements, and availability.

Logs as a form of biomass fuel
Wood chips as a form of biomass fuel
Pellets as a form of biomass fuel

Biomass boilers generally require a larger amount of space to house the boiler, buffer tank, and a place to store the fuel, but the range of boilers available means biomass can scale from the smallest homes to large commercial and multi-unit, district residential developments. A flue will also need to be installed, and may require planning permission, but we can advise you on this and make sure everything is in place.

Biomass boilers are part of the governments Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme for both domestic and commercial uses, which means you can be paid for every kW of energy you produce. This means that the initial cost of installation and the fuel you use will be paid back after a number of years. We're MCS registered, so we can help you get everything in place!

We install many brands and types of Biomass boiler, we're not limited to one option, so we are able to offer impartial and honest advice of which suits your needs best.
ETA - this is a high quality Austrian brand of boiler, which we have fitted dozens of. Highly automated, very good quality, they are a strong premium product. Froeling - Again, a very high quality Austrian brand of boiler, and have larger options than the ETA (up to 1500kW). The largest biomass boiler producer in the world.
Klover - Aimed at the domestic market, this Italian brand of boiler specialises in room sited stoves, as well as a wood pellet cooking stove which is RHI compliant.

Some of our Installations

Boiler Servicing

Good quality biomass boilers generally require little maintenance from you, just a quick clean out of the combustion chamber and emptying of the ash bins every couple of months. However it is vital that an annual service is carried out to sweep the flue and give the normally inaccessible areas a good clean. Regular servicing also allows us to pre-empt any issues to help prevent any future costly breakdowns. We will make sure everything is burning cleanly and efficiently with a flue gas analysis, and even check the water quality of your heating system.

We service most makes of boiler, but specialise in ETA, Froeling, Klover, Herz, Heizomat, WES/Woodco and Windhager.  We do come across all sorts of weird and wonderful installations though, and have adopted many installations which have been ‘orphaned’ or abandoned by the installer for various reasons.  If your boiler is ready for a service give us a call and we will book you in!

We also take on all levels of remedial works to biomass installations, unfortunately there are many poorly thought-out and delivered systems out there, if you are having problems with a biomass boiler please get in touch – we’ve put right dozens of systems.