Air Source Heat Pumps

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Air Source Heat Pumps are an environmentally friendly, cost effective, and sustainable way of providing heating and hot water.

Air source heat pumps are relatively new in the UK, but have been used throughout Europe for many years, being developed into a very efficient way of providing hot water and heating for your home. The unit extracts heat from the air outside using compressed refrigerant gases, and heating your home through underfloor heating or radiators, fundamentally they are a fridge working in reverse. They are surprisingly quiet and sit on an outside wall so they don't take up too much space. Even in the middle of winter, these heat pumps can provide heat and hot water down to minus 20, and we will see these replacing gas and oil boilers over the next decade or two.

Unlike gas and oil boilers which generally heat your radiators to a very high temperature and then shut off, heat pumps work on the principle of maintaining a low but constant and comfortable room temperature. This means they are perfect for well insulated homes with underfloor heating. However we have also retrofitted them into many older homes, and we can advise on how we can make an air source heat pump work for you, or if another option would be better.

The units require very little maintenance, so they can keep producing heat without you even noticing. Ensuring the area around it is unobstructed so the air can flow freely is all you need to do throughout the year. We can also provide an annual service to ensure everything is running efficiently and keep your equipment in top condition.

Air source heat pumps are eligible for the governments Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme for both domestic and commercial uses, which means you can be paid for every kW of energy you produce, so the initial cost of installation could be paid back after a number of years. We're MCS registered, so we can do all the work for your installation and application.

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